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The Tilford Group

Mission and Project Outcomes

Mission Statement

The K-State Tilford Group is a research and development "think tank" consisting of interdisciplinary faculty, administrators, staff and students who work together to develop a multicultural curriculum model that facilitates the total student experience.

Project Outcomes

  • Photos>diversefacesEstablished the multicultural competencies that K-State and future employers expect of our graduates. This is perhaps the most important contribution of the Tilford Group. From 1999-2001 the Tilford Group conducted focus groups on campus with faculty and students, and consulted with many of the nation's top corporations and agencies to determine what credentials college students should have upon graduation. The competencies were compiled as a result of what was learned from those and subsequent discussions.
  • Developed student learning outcomes in collaboration with each academic discipline. Many of these are now complete.
  • Assessed college-wide multicultural competency infusion into curricula.
  • Received funding from all academic colleges to offer K-State Faculty Incentive Grants for developing projects focused on multicultural classroom infusion.
  • Awarded a number of Tilford-Dow Scholarships to K-State students who work on special projects related to diversity.
  • Developed a student life residential component that has assessed multicultural competency development within all residence hall programs.
  • Developed an instrument to assess freshman students' knowledge and understanding of multicultural competency development. This will be followed up in their senior year.