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The Tilford Group


Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Kansas City)

Through the inspiration of Horace M. Peterson III (1945-1992), founder of the Black Archives of Mid-America, a group of local historians, business leaders, and former baseball players came together to create the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the early 1990s. The NLBM was conceived as a museum to tell the complete story of Negro Leagues Baseball, from the average players to the superstars. Located in: Kansas City, Missouri.

Negro League

American Jazz Museum (Kansas City) 

It's been said that jazz was born in New Orleans, and it grew up in Kansas City. During its golden age, the Kansas City jazz scene was a thriving force, brimming over with plenty of economic development and artistic output beyond category - during a time when the country was at the height of economic downfall and prohibition. This museum is a tribute to the history of jazz, featuring jazz storytelling, poetry jams, listening parties as well as various collections, exhibitions, and events. Located in: Kansas City, Missouri. 

Jazz Museum