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The Tilford Group

Online Resources


Its mission is to bring education and clarity to the business benefits of corporate diversity and provide best practices for diversity management testimonies.

BlackPast.org website

This 3,000 page reference center is dedicated to providing information to the general public on African American history in the United States and on the history of the more than one billion people of African ancestry around the world. It includes an online encyclopedia of hundreds of famous and lesser known figures in African American history, Global African history and specifically the history of African Americans in the West. BlackPast.org also has full text primary documents and major speeches of black activists and leaders from the 18th Century to the present. There are links to hundreds of websites that address the global history of people of African ancestry including major black museums and archival research centers in the United States and Canada.

Densho project – the Japanese American Legacy Project

Densho's mission is to preserve the testimonies of Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated during World War II before their memories are extinguished. We offer these irreplaceable firsthand accounts, coupled with historical images and teacher resources, to explore principles of democracy and promote equal justice for all.

Teaching Tolerance – Vietnamese Americans

Vietnam. One word that evokes so many images – a war, a homeland, an exodus, a past a foreign place. Vietnamese American. Not only Vietnamese. Not only American. Not one or the other, but both Vietnamese and American. Two words connected. Two worlds intertwined. Designed for use with learners in grades 7 and above, this curriculum guide sheds light on the complexities of this unique identity group — and encourages users to bridge cultural gaps through awareness of shared experiences.